About me

Annyeong haseo… Joneun Joice imnida. ^^

Hello… My name is Joice^^

Halo… nama saya Joice^^

I’m a student of Junior High School. I was born on Jakarta, July 5th 1998. Although I’m still young, I want to learn how to make a good fanfics, like my sunbae done. I’ve found some awesome fanfics in some wordpress websites and rally interested in making one just as fabulous as them.

I love KPOP very damn much. Especially TVXQ, SuJu, SNSD, SHINee, 2pm, beast, u-kiss, and more. I am Sone, Cassie, Shawol, Elf, Kissme, b2UTY, Sooyoungster, MVP, Sparkyu, YoonAddict, GorJess spazzer, and many more

I’m a really sone, cassie, shawol, and elf. Sometimes I confuse of An-fans of SNSD that call themselves: STAND/SAFER

It’s okay if they’re civil. But, most of them are bashing and telling some ‘jerk’ words for sone and snsd. Even they’re harmful sometimes. Maybe, there are some sones that also irrespective to others but, blame the sone not snsd! and remember, not every sone is like that!

Ehm, and I like fanfic-ing also. You can see it from the fanfics I’ve written. I really really appreciated your comment. It’s make an own spirit and excitement of making more and more fanfic. Yeah… somehow I know the valuable of a comment from a reader.

Copycater. OMO! I really hate this one. Please be creative. It’s not easy to find an aspiration and inspiration to make a good story. It’s tough to find an interesting and good sentence or words. And they just keep copying it? It’s really annoying since that they copy my idea. It’s mine, okay? I hope you aren’t one of them

Silent reader. Remember, how valuable a comment from a reader? Even just a criticize, or compliment, or just asking for the next part, it really makes me happy. Somehow, you must know, what makes the authors happy is the comment from the readers. When we know, readers like our story, which is from comment, it makes us excited to make another one. So, don’t be a silent reader, okay?

Wanna to know more about me? Follow me on twitter: @Joice_Ster or found me on facebook: Joice Junsu (Choi Ha Kyo)


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